How to properly uninstall MinMaxify

Caution: Do not uninstall the application from the apps list because codes may be left in your Shopify store.

The best way to remove Minmaxify from a shop is via the Minmaxify admin by clicking the  Uninstall button found on the bottom of the general settings tab or in the submenu next to "Publish Limits". This will ensure any code is removed from your shop automatically before our app loses access to make changes.

The uninstall button will:

  • Remove any code from your shop (including anything injected into the "theme.liquid" file)
  • Uninstall the app from your shop
  • Cancel any recurring Shopify Shopify charges (automatically occurs by Shopify upon app deletion)
  • De-authorizers the oath authentication between Shopify and MinMaxify

Billing Note:

Please note that you might still see a charge on your next invoice depending upon when the app billing and your Shopify invoice is processed. We are not able to prorate/cancel Shopify charges, and please send an email requesting a refund request to

More information about how apps such as Minmaxify are billed on Shopify invoices can be found at the link below:

For more details, we provide customer support via email. Please send your questions or feedback to We look forward to providing assistance.