The limitations are set but not working

If you are experiencing issues with your limitations set but are not working, 

Provide us the following details so we may expedite the process:

  1. Please send a screenshot of the latest order which had the limits bypassed on your site.
  2. When was the last time the limitation was working on your store?
  3. Do you remember any changes or changes that were done? Like upgrading the theme, or installing other apps.
  4. Are there apps and extensions on your site which are only getting enabled for certain customers based on their login or geographical location or something like that?
  5. Is there anything common in those invalid orders you had to cancel manually? Like the same browser version?
  6. Do you use "Buy Button" or similar sales channels? (Our app doesn't support them) Is there any abandoned cart recovery function on your site that emails to the customers providing them a direct link to the checkout page after they left?
  7. Anything else which you think I should know about? For instance, other parts of the site had started malfunctioning recently too.

Please send this information to

Tip: When encountering issues with the limitations please do not cancel the order so we can investigate immediately.