Block the quantity input


  1. Unfortunately, we do not see a way to do so from our side. If your theme developers could call this function during the collection generation:> window.minMaxify && minMaxify.getLimitsFor({handle: 'watermelon-per-piece', id: productId})They might try to reflect our limits themselves though.
  2. If you have access to the code. You'll need to set this standard HTML5 attribute:
  3. The function returns something like this for a product with limits:
  4. So they are suppose to check if max exists this way:var limit = minMaxify.getLimitsFor({handle: product_handle, product_id: product_id})
  5. if (limit.max)input.setAttribute("max", limit.max);
  6. This is all above is a pseudo-code, obviously. I believe you should know the specifics better as you've got access to the sources. Once you received the limits from our script, everything else should be trivial for a theme developer.