Limitations using Customer tags


  1. You can use Shopify customer tagging functionality for this task. Please take a look at the second option on the "Preferences" tab for more details. Just to clarify a few things:979f91a544b39cd8046e6209b0d639d4.png
    1. "Customer Tag" is a tag that is put onto your registered customer records, not products. 
    2. Our customer tag checking code is case-sensitive. So they need to be tagged exactly "wholesale". "Wholesale" or say "WHOLESALE" wouldn't match.
    3. This section only recognizes one tag so do not use commas to separate different tags because it will not work. If this does not work I recommend you try the Group limitations instead.
    4. Design one specific tag for customers you want to to be limited using the customer tag you created.
    5. Once a tag has been created you can activate the customer tagging by adding customers under Shopify customer tagging functionality.
    6. The customer needs to be logged into the site before accessing their Shopping cart. Otherwise, the limit wouldn't be applied.
    7. To test how it works please visit our app's settings page, re-publish the limits and make sure to accept the subscription (with trial period embedded into it) suggested to you by Shopify.

For more details, we provide customer support via email. Please send your questions or feedbacks to We look forward to providing assistance.