Setting limitations using yards or rolls


  1. Our app doesn't provide a way to make limits in yards or in rolls. The minimum you defined would only be when you define in pieces (quantity).
  2. If you purchase less than 2 of it, our script would display a popup and block checkout until the quantity is fixed.
  3. If you prefer to limit specific product variants instead of the entire product, you might want to replace e the existing limits with SKU-based ones.

Something like this:



If all of your yard or roll SKU contains the word "Lot" in them (and all the other one, including samples, don't), then you might want to remove those per-product limits and give a try to our "Group" limiting functionality.

Something like:


Otherwise, simply enlist all those SKUs that way:


For more details, we provide customer support via email. Please send your questions or feedbacks to We look forward to providing assistance.