Pause Minmaxify app limitations without uninstalling


  1. To pause the Minmaxify script execution (pause your limits), ask the customer to click the "Remove Script" button on the FAQ page in your app admin.
  2. Go to FAQ tab then scroll down to the bottom and you will find the "Remove Script" button.
  3. However, this will NOT pause the recurring charges maintained by Shopify.  In order to stop the recurring charges, you would need to uninstall Minmaxify (please see related articles for best uninstall methods or click this link)
  4. Once you are ready to resume the Minmaxify script execution, just republish the limits by clicking the " Publish Limits" button on top of app admin.
  5. For more details, we provide customer support via email. Please send your questions or feedback to We look forward to providing assistance.