Product multiple limit message


I would like to know if it's possible to have a 'Product multiple limit message' display differently for two products.  It would be nice that the message that appears when a customer doesn't reach the limit for a specific product to reflect that product and not the other product with a different limit.

We currently have two products that can be ordered with a multiple; let us say, one is 8kgs, and the other is 20 boxes. So we were hoping the limitation message will show the specific product limitations that are not met.


  1. Unfortunately, the answer is no. This functionality is outside of Minmaxify's current abilities. 
  2. What we can suggest is you utilize our "Group" limiting functionality. 
  3. You can replace the limitation for one of those products ("8 kg" one, for instance)from per-product to a fake single-product group one. This way, you'd be able to put a specific group title to that group, and in that group title, you be as elaborate as you want.