About Order Limits ‑ MinMaxify

MinMaxify is an easy-to-use, yet sophisticated app designed to streamline the implementation of restrictions on your cart ordering process. You can apply restrictions for an entire cart, specific products, or groups of products.

Minmaxify is used by customers around the world including hundreds in the SEA region.

With MinMaxify, it’s easy to define the minimum and maximum product and cart limits for your orders, from the simple to complex.

Limits can be set on:

  1.          The total dollar value in cart
  2.          Total number of
  3.          Number of individual items
  4.          Number of items for a specific product
  5.          Number of items within a group of products
  6.          Multiples of items in a product group (i.e.; 6 bottles in a case)
  7.          Limits based on customer tag such as wholesale
  8.          Total weight of items in the cart

Ho Minmaxify works:

The application provides two ways to ensure the limits are met at your site:

  1. The main way is that when you click the "Checkout" button anywhere at your cart, our script would intercept that click and if the limits are not met, a notification popup would be shown instead.
  2. The second, optional way is that we modify product quantity inputs, so they would reflect the limits somehow. This second way only works on a select set of the most popular themes and 3rd party extensions. 
  3. When you try to get to check out with items in violation of the set limitations. Check out button will show "Cart needs to be updated" by applications design. You will need to change the values to meet the set limitations.

    For more details, we provide customer support via email. Please send your questions or feedback to support@minmaxify.com. We look forward to providing assistance.