Weight limitations

  1. Minmaxify/Order can implement weight limits on the entire cart.
  2. Limitations for separate products, product groups, and vendors are supported as well.
  3. This can be set on the General Settings page of the application. See the screenshot below:
  4. Weight limitations can only be set in grams only, but if you need other units, you can convert them into grams, and on the pop-up message, you can use your preferred weight unit. This can be set in the "Messages" settings section.
  5. For example, convert ounce to grams, then edit the pop-up message see screenshot below:
  6. The Group limiting functionality can also be utilized for setting weight-based limits.  
  7. Another option would be to create a group limit with a negative group-by condition instead of in our "Group" settings section. Something like the screenshot below:Note: Make sure conversions are set correctly because it will have an effect on the limitations. You may use Google conversions when setting weight limitations

For more details, we provide customer support via email. Please send your questions to support@minmaxify.com.