How can I create a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)


Note: SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit.

  1. To use this feature, go to “Product settings“.
  2. Then select "Add SKU" and fill the required SKU and limits in the table line created. Note: The recommended limit of product-specific and variant-specific limitations is 1000. Anything above 1000 is unsure to work.
  3. Once the SKU’s has been created you can also utilize the "Group limitation" under the Group Settings. You will have the option for combined cart limitation or to individually apply per cart line. See the screenshot below.
  4. With SKU you can also make use of the combine variants option under Product settings. Note: Combine Variants options are used to allows the business to set a limit to items but allow different to mix and match sizes, colors, etc that the product may offer. 
  5. For example, if you have a shirt and set a limit of 6, without combine variants the 6 would need to be the same 6, with it you can add 2 small, 1med, 3 lrg.
  6. Also, for such single-product groups, I would recommend you to use our "Product" settings section instead of the "Group" ones.
  7. Batch updates can be done via the Add By CSV dialog if you switch the internal selector therefrom "Product" to "Variant

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