Common reason why Minmaxify total cart minimum limitations are not working.

In our experience, when it comes to the total cart minimum there can be a few potential explanations for an issue:

Note: When encountering any type of issue, it is best to try to republish your limitations.

Abandoned cart recovery function. When a customer gets rejected and walks away, at some moment that function (if it is turned on on your site) would send them a direct link to the checkout page suggesting to return to the purchase. This function directly forwards your customers to the checkout page where no script is running (Shopify prohibits any apps from embedding on that page for security reasons).

The app is a simple JavaScript extension to your Shopify theme. Any other extension which lets your customers bypass your cart page/frame (where our final limit verification step is taking place) and go directly to the payment is incompatible with MinMaxify.

Temporarily quantity shortage in the inventory. When a customer successfully meets the limit, but after switching to the checkout page one of their cart lines gets automatically removed by Shopify because it is not available anymore. And as our app has no access to your checkout page, we can't do anything about that last-minute update.

If none of the previously mentioned options are occurring please send us an email to and kindly provide us access to the store for investigation.

We have the ability to turn on 14-day monitoring for extremely complicated issues.