Order Limits not working when using iPhones, other devices, new themes and other Shopify stores


Please try to disable the script by going to our “FAQ” settings page. To get there see the steps below:

  1. Go to Apps then select “Order Limits (MinMaxify)”
  2. Then select the FAQ tab
  3. Scroll down to “How do I temporarily disable the app without uninstalling it from my site?”
  4. Then click on [Remove Script].
  5. Test the issue. If the issue persists. Please update your theme to the newest version or contact its author and ask them to look into the situation.
  6. Reproducing the issue is simple. Open the product page on the iPhone (not iPad) in Safari. Click "Add to Cart"; In your developer's console you should see the error: [shop_events_listener] Error in handleXhrDone: The object is in an invalid state.
  7. If the issue does persist please contact us and provide us access to themes code so we can apply a fix. The issue is a known bug on the Shopify themes that reveals itself on iPhone users and other devices. We will need time to investigate this issue.

For more details, we provide customer support via email. Please send your questions or feedbacks to support@minmaxify.com. We look forward to providing assistance.