How to uninstall the MinMaxify App?


There are two ways for you to remove the application:

  1. You can re-install it (without re-subscribing) and then click the "Uninstall" button at the lower right corner on our settings page. 
  2. Or you could open the theme.liquid in your theme's code and remove this line there: {% include 'minmaxify-head' %}
    1. At the same time we're providing to all of our customers a way to change the answer on that major question by switching this checkbox off at our app's settings page:1a6250f6e343871ebfab402bea088a57.pngCaution: Do not uninstall from the app's list without first visiting the setting page so you don't have codes left in your Shopify store.
  3. Additionally, we provide 2 uninstall buttons on the same page, to simplify the app removing.
    If you click one of them or if you unchecked that option above, you wouldn't have to worry about any pieces of our code left in your Shopify theme.
  4. If you decide to install any of our major competitors, or many other extensions, you'll encounter the very same problem after the uninstalling. This is an unavoidable problem caused by certain Shopify technological restrictions which we hope to convince them to fix at some moment in the future.

Note: If the applications codes remain active after the steps above, please contact your Shopify themes author as the issue is with your theme and not the Minmaxify app