Third Party Extensions/Apps related issues

There are a few steps you can take to determine where the issue is originating from so it can be resolved.

  1. To help isolate if the issue is related to Minmaxify/Orderlimits you can Unpublish our application and test if the issue persists.
  2. If the issue is related to the MinMaxify application please send us an email to MinMaxify support team through Make sure to provide all the steps that were performed to reproduce the issue. Note: There is no need to contact Minmaxify support if the issue does not persist upon uninstalling the application, this means the application is not related to the issue.
  3. If unable to reproduce the issue please provide this information as well including the list of all third-party extensions applied in the store.
  4. Please provide access to the store by following this FAQ.
  5. Minmaxify Support team will do its best to find a possible solution or adjustments but if in the end, they cannot find anything else on the application end you may need to consider contacting the 3rd party extensions, author, or developer. 

For more details, we provide customer support via email. Please send your questions or feedback to We look forward to providing you with assistance.